Questions & answers


Questions & answers

How long does it take to experience Dinosaurs The Exhibition?
To get a full experience it takes about 1 hour.

Is there a restaurant or café at the exhibition?
There is a small café in the exhibition. There is no restaurant but nearby you have various options of restaurants and cafés.

Is photography permitted at the exhibition?
Yes. Please take a lot of pictures and share your experience. Use #dinoskelleftea

Can I take a pushchair into the exhibition?

Can I take my dog to the exhibition?
No, out of consideration for allergy sufferers, dogs are not allowed at the exhibition.

Is there a souvenir shop?
Yes, there is a shop by the entrance and exit at Dinosaurs The Exhibition

Opening times & prices

What are the opening times to Dinosaurs The Exhibition?
The opening times vary slightly. See the link ‘Opening times’ for the current times.

How much does a visit cost?
See the link ‘Prices’ for the different price categories for the exhibition.

Can I buy an entrance ticket direct from the cashier?
Yes, you can. Note that this is a cashless exhibition. You can only pay by card or Swish.

Can I pay by card or Swish?
Yes, we accept many types of debit card. Swish is also acceptable.